Monday, August 22, 2011

Confessions of a MCM Addict

I've been thinking of starting a blog for some time now with the aim of establishing a dynamic, fun & interactive forum in which to exchange ideas on mid century interior design, discuss our projects (the good, the bad, AND the ugly!), offer DIY tips & encouragement (especially geared to those in the struggle pulling their hair out over a restoration job gone terribly awry...we've all been there!), establish a networking community of interior professionals/ architects/ furniture designers/ etc., as well as provide an online destination for those of us a bit too ... ummm, how shall i say ... "passionate" (err, in some cases, obsessive-compulsive) when it comes to sourcing special vintage finds for our professional and/or personal pursuits (ok, ok, I'll come clean...guilty as charged, and proud of it!)  LOL


So, I dreamed-up maison360 to (hopefully) provide a comprehensive and engaging online experience on everything and anything related to MCM interiors and the thrill of collecting that will accomplish all of the above and more -- particularly, that last part about us addicts who can't quite seem to say no to a fabulous find at a local flea market...or worst, those infamous shabby chic "deals" we're initially soo excited about restoring yet wind up remaining as-is gathering dust somewhere as an epitomic symbol of our extreme vulnerability to Mid-Century Modern coolness!  My family & friends say I've gone overboard having both a career AND an insatiable hobby that entails constant hunting for stunning, rare, and iconic pieces from the eternally hip eras of the 1950's, 60's & 70's...but hell, I could obsess over worst things, right??

Anyhoo, enough of my jabbering (and shameless self-defensiveness, ha!)  I promised myself (and my poor little Yorkie, "Romeo") that I would wade through my extensive collection of  Post War treasures that have taken over most of the floor, surface, storage & air space of my modest one bedroom Manhattan apartment and divest enough of it so as to not become the next target on that pseudo-intervention reality TV show about hoarders (and YES, my family has threatened to turn me in!)  Yet, little do they know, I also have four (4) huge storage units here in the city packed with even more 20th C fabulosities (and yes, it's costing me a small fortune to hold onto these lockers over the years...but ohhh, when I finally meet my elusive tall, dark and dapper "Mr. Right" and we get married and live happily ever-after, my dreamiest pieces will look soo gorgeous in our five-story Central Park West brownstone ... and of course, there will be our quintessential Hamptons beachside summer home ... oooh, and our sprawling floor-thru downtown duplex penthouse loft ... and, let us not  forget, our quaint romantique Paris pied-a-terre ... and ... and ...) 


Whoops, ahem....sorry, I digress. [hey, a girl's gotta dream!]  Ummm, now where was I??  Ohh yes, so now my therapist (yeah, she's against me too!) has made me agree to a promissory that I will sell-off at least 1/3 (OUCH!!) of my precious wares ASAP with the end goal being able to neatly pack away the remaining inventory into just ONE --  you heard me, ONE!! -- storage locker (oy vey, dios mios!)  So, wish me luck as I begin the most arduous, painful journey of my life to "de-clutter my mind, body & soul" (good grief, can't believe I just said that aloud!), and amputate an essential part of my being that's been a constant source of thrill, accomplishment and pure joy for more than 20 years..ugh!!  <Weep, Weep!!>  Alas, my blood, sweat and tears will be others' remarkable gains and fortune, and I just hope these amazing rarities of my collection will find themselves into fabulous new homes where they will be truly treasured, appreciated & well taken care of as I have done...and of course those before me of the Silent Generation and Atomic Age have (and yes, Rosie, we definitely can...and hook or crook, by golly, I surely shall too...I simply gotta!) 


So, stay tuned and check back often (and don't forget to register as a follower of my blog to receive posting announcements by email!)  I will be listing a few pieces each week to try to postpone this dreaded inevitability for as long as I can, and to enjoying the last days of my collection while still in its entirety. <Big Sigh!!>  And in between, I shall share highlights of some of my new restoration projects, tips on scoring great vintage finds, favorite tools of the trade, must-have books for your personal library, cool online resources, inspiring design sites, blogs from friends & colleagues in the biz, and so on.  And naturally, I welcome your posts with insightful commentary, community sharing, qualitative feedback, innovative ideas & suggestions, rallying cries, so forth and the like :-)

For now, I bid you all a happy Monday and a fine farewell until next time.  As for yours truly, I gotta very important social call with my good friend Grey Goose ® to confess my sins of MCM obsession.

Talk again soon...tootles!

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